Digital Global Symposium 2018

Digital Global Symposium, 2018 Coastal Carolina University

This symposium will feature student and faculty panels and some streaming live digital presentations from Fulbright scholars working at the intersection of digital culture and globalization. The QEP initiatives of the Digital Commons for Humanities and Arts, AGHEP (Arts and Humanities Global Experience), and the Athenaeum Press will present workshops and student research on issues at the intersection of globalization and digital culture and production.

10.00 am: Livestreaming session: Gabriel Menotti, 3D Replication Technologies – Digital Artifacts for the Radical Mediation of History”
More on Gabriel Menotti's work from the Center for 21st Century Studies

11:00 am: Livestreaming session: Ramon Amaro, "Algorithmic Visibility and Cultural Invisibility." More on Ramon Amaro's work at Goldsmith's University

12:00 pm: Livestreaming session: Jay Bernard, Anatomy of an Environment: Radical Aesthetics and the Reclaiming of Space in VR. 
More on Jay Bernard's work and an article on their recent Ted Hughes prize


1:00 pm: Livestreaming session: Lee Mackinnon, "Data Bodies and Living Currencies" Lee’s research is largely situated in fields of comparative media studies, technology and postdigital visual culture. Read more about Lee's work here at University of the Arts London

2:00 pm: Livestreaming session: Conrad Moriarty-Cole, “Financial Capital: the Nexus of Digital Culture and Globalisation

Conrad Moriarty-Cole is a PhD student in the Digital Research Unit of the Centre for Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, You can read more about his work here.

Afternoon faculty/student post-symposium discussion: two representative students, from The Athenaeum Press and Digital Culture and Design discuss their own digital projects and engage with the virtual symposium talks.


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